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B/E Aerospace is experienced in all aspects of thermal management, and brazing is our specialty. As the leading thermal management company with best-in-class brazing technology, B/E Aerospace provides customers with single source brazed assemblies, and can deliver “extra-capacity” from one of our four brazing facilities when necessary.

A Brazing Primer
Joining metals at temperatures under 800ºF is known as "soldering", while "brazing" occurs at temperatures above 800ºF. Brazing utilizes the inter-atomic attraction between two pieces of metal to form a bond that approaches parent metal strength. This is accomplished by “wetting” the metals to be joined with molten filler metal which, upon cooling, forms the joint. Welding differs from brazing in that the base metals to be joined are molten at the moment of joining, thereby limiting the ability to maintain very tight tolerances necessary for electronics thermal management applications.

Download our full Brazing Primer to learn more about the advantages of brazing.

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